About Slot Spinners

Slot Spinners is a site dedicated to slot enthusiasts. Our main aim is to provide objective, unbiased information to help slot players from all around the world to find the best and most rewarding spin experiences on the web.


We do all the leg work, so you wouldn’t have to. We tryout dozens of slot and casino sites and evaluate them according to our strict criteria of what consists of a decent and fair gambling site.


We look at:

  • The range and quality of the games
  • The ease of use of the site
  • The payout and withdrawal policies of the site
  • The level and efficiency of customer service


To that we add our personal take on the site:

  • Was it fun and interesting to play?
  • Did we enjoy the experience?
  • Was the design and UX of the site appealing?
  • Did we feel like we’re in good hands?


We constantly keep conducting reviews of new slot and casino sites. Our Best Slot Sites ranking is a dynamic list that’s always changing. We look at both real money slot sites and free slot sites in order to cater to the needs of the widest possible audience. If a site is among the top 5 in a certain month it doesn’t mean it’ll stay there indefinitely; if a new and better site comes along it will find its way into the list, pushing out a lesser site.


In the SPIN Blog is we take an in-depth look into the gambling industry. We publish research papers, op-ed pieces of current and future trends in the industry and sometimes guest posts from writers who provide unique angles.


Behind Slot Spinners is a team of gaming veterans that bring their knowledge and expertise from the gaming industry to dissect and analyze numerous slot and casino sites in order to determine which are the top-ranking ones.