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Play Free Slot Machine Games

Welcome to the spinning world of free and real money slot games online. Whether it’s about betting and playing, winning (or not), we can definitely call the slot machine a game and play it for the fun of it.

So what do we have here? We’ve got tons of popular slot games for you to enjoy completely for free. No deposit is needed, no credit card – you don’t even need to register.

Just pick a game, click the SPIN button and you’ll be teleported to the Game Page where you could enjoy a detailed review of the game and of course, play the heck out of it.

The Magic of Free Slot Games

Why would anyone want to play slots and not gamble on slots? Free spins and win but no Ka-Ching? What’s the fun in that? Well, actually plenty.

Video slots have come a long way in the last decade. If when hearing the word “slot” you think about those ancient, mechanical, 3-reel, 1-pay line fruit machines, well, you couldn’t be further from the online incarnation of the slot. Today’s online slot games are totally in line with their counterparts from the gaming universe – this is what you can achieve when your gambling games are software based. They boast incredible graphics, rocking soundtracks and complex gameplay with multiple pay lines, challenging bonus rounds and of course, handsome payouts, if you’re playing for real money. It’s like the great Vegas experience, with all the rewards, entertainment and no deposit, VIP style; if you think like a winner, you’ll be one.

What’s more, there are so many slots to choose from, in any imaginable theme or flavor. Whatever might be your interest or fancy, you’ll be able to find a slot to your liking. So jump in, head first, spin to your heart content and welcome to the club!

Say Hello to Mobile Slots

Anywhere, Anytime. That’s the slogan of life in the modern age, the internet era, the connected-all-the-time generation that will never grow old. No reason whatsoever slots should be any different.

Basically, all online casinos and slot sites offer mobile compatibility, to smartphones, tablets and iPads alike. Whether you are on iPhone or an Android device it doesn’t really matter; Windows phones are fine as well.

No special instructions here, folks. Same as desktops, laptops and everything in between, that’s the way it goes for mobile. No need to download or install a thing, just need to turn your screen horizontally and you’re good to spin on your way to a small fortune. Just be a considerate Slot Spinner and use headphones 😉

Spin & Win, Play & Enjoy

Not really since for now, slot games, free or not, are chance-based. (Not for long though – watch out for skill-based slots – they’re coming!) With that said, there are more simple and more complex games.

Some games have very few pay lines, no unique symbols and no imaginative bonus rounds. These games could be categorized as simple. The more complex games can have up to 100 pay lines (and a super-size pay table), feature tons of unique symbols as Wild, Scatter, Sticky and Expanding that add layers to the game and sport truly inventive and innovative bonus rounds and promotions – like offering player no deposit free spins to see if they connect with the game – that present a completely different interface than the familiar reels.

Regardless of the complexity level of the game, slots are still super simple to play, have no learning curve and the winnings are the result of pure chance. Every slot game is equipped, by low, with a RNG – Random Number Generator – an algorithm that ensures the reels turn and stop in a wholly random fashion. Every slot game online is licensed, and all payments are secured, dollars and euros alike.

SlotSpinners Advice: Don’t believe to sites and ‘experts’ that promise to teach how to bet and increase your chances of winning real money in slot games. No such thing folks.

3 Important Things to Know About Real Money Slots

Return to Player (RTP) – every online slot game must make this information available. Usually you’ll be able to find it in the ‘i’ (info) button in the game dashboard.

The RTP represents the percentage of real money the game pays back to players out of the total cash betted. Online slots have between 91% to 97% RTP, meaning, more than 90% of the money gambled in the game is paid back to players in winnings.

Hit Rate – the number of times a player wins a spin out of the total number of spins played. With real money online slots, in most cases, the hit rate is 33%. Meaning, one of every three spins will be a win. That’s ain’t too bad!

Progressive Jackpot – prize money that increases with every game not won, as opposed to Fixed Jackpot that doesn’t change. The concept of progressive jackpot comes from land casinos, where multiple slot machines are linked together to a single jackpot. With online slots, progressive jackpots are a rarity, exactly because of the high Hit Rate offered by casino operators.

How to Play with Bonus No Deposit

This is a term every online slot player must be familiar with – bonus no deposit. Basically, this is the way online casinos lure in new players, by rewarding them a welcome bonus – free spins – without the player needing to deposit any money.

It’s pretty cool, no doubt about that. If you think about it for a second, basically the casino gives you cash without any commitment on your behalf. You can play the free spins and win money without risking a dime!

This is offered only once, and only to first-time players. Once you run out of this bonus batch, you will need to enter your credit card information and deposit some cash in order to continue playing. Online casinos don’t let you play on credit.

The Bonus No Deposit works on mobile casino sites as well.

You should take advantage of this great opportunity. It’s not every day that you are given a bonus just like that. Usually you need to work hard for it…