Cool Online Competitions for Money & Fame

Have you ever thought about how you can casually win cash prizes online to earn some money on the side? You probably have, but you don’t actually realize how easy it truly can be. The Internet is a large place and there are a lot of different online competitions for money available.

We all have skills or a talent that might be able to get us some money. There are things that we do as hobbies that we may have never taken seriously, but over time, we became really good at them. So why keep these skills only as a hobby, if you can make a dollar or two on the side? There are plenty of daily online competitions available where you can exhibit your hobby/talent and win cash prizes online.

Today, we will talk about common online competitions with prizes that you can join and go into the chance to win cash money online or even get more opportunities to cash in your knowledge.

Win Cash Prizes Online in Poker Tournaments

A lot of people like playing poker and, although it is often frowned upon, poker is really just a game. So if you are passionate about this game and you have been playing it for a long time with your friends at home or online, maybe you should try out your skills by joining a poker tournament online.

If you like playing with money, you can find tournaments where it’s mandatory to deposit money and, if not, you can also play tournaments which are free and get your satisfaction by winning only. You can choose from various types of poker, different skill divisions, and many different types of tournaments.

If you are confident in your skills and you played poker before, try your luck to potentially win real cash prizes online. A lot of these tournaments don’t require high bet, but there are a lot of players involved, meaning that the prizes can be very big.

Daily Online Competitions For Photographers

If you like to take photos and this is your hobby, then I have great news for you! Online photo competitions are probably some of the most common competitions you can find. There are various online photo competitions to choose from so if you are in any particular photography niche, don’t be worried; you can find pretty much anything you like.

If you have lots of photos sitting on your drive that you’re not doing anything with, this is a great opportunity to enter an online contest to win money. It is also not uncommon to get valuable contacts, job offers, and maybe even turn your photography hobby into a career from these contests.

You never know what will happen, but the important thing is to try and join as many online photo competitions as possible and increase your chances of winning, and of course give your work more exposure. There is no risk, but there are many opportunities so don’t be that introvert photographer and try to show the world what you can do.

Online Logo Contests

If you are into design as a hobby, or you do this full time, you can use this skill to make an even bigger name for yourself and potentially win cash prizes online. There are various opportunities and, depending on the company listing the contest, the rules could be different.

In some contests, you can submit your previous work and compete with it, while other contests will give you tasks and assignments of designs that you need to do in a certain period of time. Still, don’t think that you can get something by ripping off someone’s work or simply submitting somebody else’s work. The checks are very strict and you could be ruined forever if they catch you.

Gaming Tournaments

If you are into video games and you became good at a certain game, and if you spend a lot of time playing multiplayer online games, chances are that there is a tournament for that game. Join a free online contest to win prizes and see how far you can go with a team or as a solo player.

In most cases, gaming tournaments are free but you need to qualify for the tournament as there is a lot of competition and only the best can enter. If it’s a smaller and less known game, you can get the opportunity more easily, but the prize will probably be lower.

This gives you the opportunity to become a pro gamer and make money by playing games! A dream that many of us had but weren’t’ able to achieve it. If not, you could potentially meet important people in the community and get involved in the gaming industry.

 Try your luck by entering an Internet competition as you have nothing to lose. Who knows, maybe you are better at something than you realize and you are wasting your talent by doing nothing with it? If you don’t try you will never know.

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