Train Your Brain to Win Online Casino Games

Whilst luck plays a major role in determining your fate as an online gambler, all casino games (from video slots to virtual poker) make demands on your ability to recall information and make decisions. In other words, they require some degree of brain power. So even if you’re someone who believes they’re inherently unlucky, it’s possible to train your brain to get better at playing casino games in order to win money instantly online.

Unleash the Power of Positive Thinking

An important part of training your brain to win is learning to control your memories. How you think about your previous experience of online casino slots and table games can seriously impact your future success. After an unlucky streak, some online gamblers fall victim to a destructive I-think-therefore-I-am cycle; they think they’re ‘unlucky’ or ‘bad’ at a specific casino game based on past play and so they now never win because (a) they let negative thoughts put them off their game or (b) they avoid playing altogether.

Researching statistics (such as the house edge of table games, the odds of different bets, or the RTP of slots) can help you conquer these negative thoughts about inherent ‘unluckiness’ and end this cycle. The data may help to objectively explain your past losses and lead to better decisions and a more optimistic outlook going forward. For example, on discovering its more favourable house edge, you may choose a European rather than American online blackjack game in future; or, on learning it’s notoriously high-risk, you may avoid using the Martingale System the next time you play roulette and attribute what you thought was ‘unluckiness’ to your previous use of this system.

Recording the result of every past winning and losing bet you placed on a casino game could also show, on reflection, that your supposed ‘bad luck’ was magnified by your emotions and that, statistically, you’re no worse at the game than average. It may have felt like you always lost when spinning a certain slot game, but, in reality, your returns may be very much in line with the theoretical RTP. This should make you realise you’re not a fundamentally unlucky person (because, rest assured, there’s no such thing); maybe you just need to try a different slot game.

Unsurprisingly, training your brain to think less negatively about your past and future gambling experiences will boost your confidence and reduce feelings of anxiety. Research has shown that less anxious gamblers are better gamblers; this is because they have a superior ability to focus when participating in games like blackjack, roulette or poker, leading to more strategically-placed bets and, thus, more wins.


Sharpen Up with Brain-Boosting Exercises

And it’s not just how you respond emotionally to memories which can impact on your game. Your general ability to recall information will also influence your success as a gambler. Skill-based casino table games demand players to accurately memorise facts relating to odds, strategy and the actions of other players at the table to make profitable decisions. Hence, it’s a good idea for casino players to incorporate memory-boosting exercises into their everyday routines; for instance, by getting themselves to recall phone numbers, addresses and grocery lists.  

Gamblers should also practice tasks which challenge and improve not just memory, but brain function and decision-making more generally. Completing word games, puzzles and mathematical conundrums (rather than spending time watching reality TV shows or mindlessly scrolling through social media) can get the brain working at a higher level. Gamblers who get their brains functioning above the average 10% capacity will find they make faster and more logical decisions when they play, putting them at a serious advantage over other gamblers around the online casino table.

To summarise, researching statistics, completing mental exercises and logically evaluating the success of your previous bets will help train your brain to think rationally and make better decisions, which should lead to better returns when you play slot and online table games at casino sites like bgo for mobile.