Risk of Gambling


Most people don’t think of gambling as a risky habit. But when the occasional gambler can’t control the habit anymore and becomes an addict, that’s when things turn south. It’s important to understand the risks of gambling in order to avoid them, and maintain a healthy lifestyle, while allowing the occasional spin of the reels or roll of the dice.

Especially since Las Vegas transformed itself to a “family holiday destination”, gambling is mostly seen as a pastime activity, not much different than other grownup plays. It’s fun and games, with a side of drinks and friends—what can be so bad? It doesn’t need to, so let’s look at the traps that must be avoided.

Personal Relationships

Being surrounded by loving family and supportive friends is one of life’s greatest accomplishments. Personal relationships nourish and brighten our day and give us a reason to live. It’s important for most of us to be a reliable and active when it comes to our personal relationships.

When the occasional gambler starts to develop an addiction things can get complicated. There’s a sense of stress and negativity for the family members watching their loved one getting sucked in to a vicious cycle.

There’s the usual money argument: why this person is spending so much money on gambling? Why are debt collectors chasing us down? When you spend more than you can afford to lose, that’s a serious red flag. Some gamblers are seeking out happiness, hope, and good fortune from the games they are playing but little do they know it’s more harmful than helpful.

There is research showing that some gamblers choose the game over their loved ones, they’ll miss family birthdays, important events and even neglect children just to have a shot at a potential big win.

Children who live in an environment with gambling addicts run the risk of also growing up to become addicted. They might grow up with anxiety problems, as this what happens when a parent or family member is absent in dire times.

Professional Risks

Rather than focusing on performing well at work, gambling addicts can show up late for work from a long night of gambling at an online or land-based casino. This is a direct cause for loss of productivity.

It’s not a very bright day when you show up to work hardly able to function. It also doesn’t help when there is Internet access at work, which leads a lot of gambling addicts to play at work as well. There is truly a risk of losing your job when a gambler displays this type of behavior.

Then there is also the opposite scenario. Gambling addicts will do anything they can to get promoted and work hard just to blow up their salary on gambling. It’s that “just one more win” excessive mentality that becomes not only a professional risk but also a life risk.

Mental & Physical Health

When gamblers win, they achieve a natural high, riding strong on adrenaline and serotonin. When they lose though, the self-esteem declines and there’s more suffering from anxiety, stress, and moodiness. All that obsessing over wins can bring on blood pressure issues and muscular tension problems.

Addicted gamblers live in constant stress and always look for relief ways. Many of them turn to cigarettes, a gateway substance to the effects of cancer, heart problems and skin problems.

Alcohol abuse is another unfortunate coping mechanism of the addict. This is not just bad for the body but also for the brain. Gambling addiction takes over mental and physical health and can also sadden the lives of loved ones watching everything unfold.

It’s Difficult to Stop

It is! It’s hard to end an addiction because oftentimes the person is in denial of being an addict. They truly believe that because gambling addiction isn’t a drug or alcohol addiction so it’s not dangerous.

Continuing to invest money only fuels the “I will eventually get lucky” delusional mentality so the addict continues to sink and it becomes harder and harder to back out. It doesn’t seem “bad” to them and even if it does, there is a sense of humiliation that comes with the situation they don’t want to face – admitting they have a serious problem.

People who gamble excessively usually have mixed feelings about what they’re doing and they know exactly the problems they are causing but still, it’s just too hard for them to stop.

So, When Does it End?

Can a gambling addiction be controlled or even reversed? Can the addict prevail and all move on with his life?

If your loved one is dealing with the dangerous risks of gambling it is wise to seek out professional help. There are people out there trained to handle tough situations like these that can help addicts find a better path in life and heal from their destructive past.

It may be a long journey until your friend or family member heals from their addiction. As long as you are supportive, providing them with love and care, things will get better.

Gambling problems are not something to take lightly. They really hurt whole families and put a strain on professional and personal relationships. Whether its cards or slots, gambling should be entertaining and fun. Its okay to gamble a lot and it’s okay to gamble a little, but what is important is that it doesn’t become an issue that takes over one’s life.

The secret is to enjoy the gambling and keep it under control, without it becoming a risk.